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Tentative Celebration

Short post this week, because I'm writing this while sick, and my brain is fuzzy.

But! Some exciting news (to me).

I received my first acceptance! A podcast is going to feature one of my stories.

I'm not celebrating completely yet, though, because it won't be out until possibly April or May. Until then, I don't think it will feel real.

Part of me is waiting for them to email me and say, "Oh, gosh, nevermind, we didn't mean to accept your story."

Silly, I know.

In the meantime, I'm working on other stories. I'm trying to write a story every month this year and January's is done. It's not good, but such is the way of a first draft.

That's all this week! Go write! Join the Bleeding Typewriter discord server if you haven't already!


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