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Six Books To Put You In A Halloween Mood

It's my favorite time of year: the air is crisp and invigorating, my apartment cools down by about 10 degrees, and best of all, HALLOWEEN!

I adore Halloween—always have. My favorite part is figuring out what costume to wear, but a close second is the onslaught of horror movies. I love a good, scary time.

I also love a good, scary book.

So grab your cauldron, brew up a potion, and lose yourself in the world of spine-tingling literature with these spooOOooOOooky recommendations of books to read for Halloween!

A classic for a reason; every time I read The Shining I get chills. That and IT are my favorite King books. In The Shining, I love the scene with the hedge tense!

Yes, my second recommendation is another one from the King family. Heart-Shaped Box was Hill's debut novel: a straight-up ghost story that has forever left me afraid of walking through my apartment at night with the lights turned off.

Another classic; this time, a gothic horror staple. This book is all about the atmosphere, and will leave you guessing as to whether Hill House is really haunted.

And, of course, you can watch the Netflix show as a bonus, and feel pretty cool as you pick up on all the references.

A fantastic book (and movie) about the terror of womanhood. While there are plenty of actual thrills to be found, what I find most terrifying is how isolated Rosemary is—totally unable to trust anyone, for fear that she'll be labeled as being a hysterical woman.

Oh, would you look at that—another great book about the terror of womanhood from Levin. The best part of this one? The ending.

I read this bizarro horror book last month, and I can't recommend it enough. It was hilarious and gruesome in equal parts. There is no "best" part; all of it is delightful.

There you have it: six horror/thriller books to get you through the spooky season. Go forth and read!


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